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Extending the life of a Drupal 7 website
Stratford Schools home page on multiple devices

Client Overview

Stratford Schools along the California coast put forth a unique STEM-based curriculum for students enrolled in Preschool through to Grade 8, with High School campus plans on the near horizon.

They define their purpose as, “connecting students to their unique futures.” Stratford’s faculty exercises a spirit of learning at all levels, aimed at encouraging student passion and curiosity.

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The Challenge

When Stratford came to Kanopi Studios, they were seeking two things; end-of-life Drupal 7 support, and a partner that could work with them hand in hand. They were seeking a skilled team that could do design and UX consulting as well as development for ongoing projects.

The Solution

Stratford presented us with their marketing goals and allowed us to bring our expertise to the table with solutions tailored to their needs. Together, we were able to provide a refresh to key areas of their site, such as the homepage, their program pages and campus pages, as well as add new functionality to their site’s foundation.

One of the challenges we were able to help them overcome was connecting to APIs from third parties, such as ACTIVE, Jobvite, and Salesforce. Integrating these services has allowed their summer programs to blossom, boosted job applications, and has given them more accurate account management.

Key Features

Stratford Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Course details from a third party were pulled into the site and organized with helpful filters for ease of use.

Salesforce integration

SalesForce Integration

All Drupal 7 webforms connect to Salesforce for data collection and student accounts for streamlined record keeping.

Stratford Campus Page

Redesigned Campus Pages

Redesigned campus pages now present information in a clear and easy to consume manner, with highlights on key faculty members.

The Result

Working hand in hand with Stratford Schools, we’ve been able to extend the life and functionality of their Drupal 7 website, keeping it fresh and current while they work towards their D7 end-of-life plan.

Laura Hayes
Laura H. Digital Marketing Manager

When I describe Kanopi to others, I talk about customer service, great services, a sustainable site, and a relationship that gets better over time. Every project we have done with Kanopi has improved our site and made it work harder and better for us.

Stratford School

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