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PBLWorks promotes project-based learning among educators, a method of teaching which sees students solve problems using real world examples. Through project-based learning, students engage in deeper learning that’s personally relevant to them, resulting in greater knowledge retention and success.

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The Challenge

Understanding what teachers need to help their students succeed.

Created by the Buck Institute for Education, PBLWorks emerged following a rebrand in 2018. A new, clearly defined focus of building capacity for project-based learning among educators was the result.

Their existing site didn’t reflect their new focus and wasn’t meeting the needs of their key users — teachers and school leaders — looking for support with delivering project-based learning to their students. The site was also dated, with multiple navigation styles and a static interface, making it difficult for authors to add or update content. 

PBLWorks needed a new, flexible, easy-to-use website that met both their organizational needs and the needs of their users. They needed to showcase success stories, answer common questions, and provide educators with the necessary resources to help their students learn and succeed through quality, project-based learning.

The Solution

Kanopi provided strategic direction for the project, beginning with a discovery phase to better understand the needs of PBLWorks’ key users. Establishing a solid foundation of design, we assisted PBLWorks with wireframes through technical consultation.

The existing PBLWorks website was far from user-friendly and different navigation styles made finding the right content difficult. We made it easier for users to find what they are looking for, by creating a simple faceted search to the site.

The Process

Wireframes/Design Consultation

Kanopi worked closely with PBLWorks to build wireframes that would help support their goals. Once wireframes were complete, PBLWorks’ own designer worked toward bringing the layouts to life by applying their new branding. Kanopi worked alongside their designer to ensure best practices were followed.

PBLWorks Wireframes


Once the Designs were approved, Kanopi began building the functional website. PBLWorks needed a website with a high degree of customizability, and so Kanopi built a site with both flexibility and usability for both the end-user and content administrators

PBLWorks Development

Key Features

PBLWorks Pattern Lab

Pattern Lab integration

We built a true pattern library providing a highly customizable and consistent design system. PBLWorks are able to update and add content through a simple, drag-and-drop experience.

Integrated site forms

By integrating site forms, PBLWorks is able to track leads with minimal effort.

PBLWorks Search

Simple search functionality

We created a simple faceted search that helps PBLWorks’ users find content easily.

The Result

Custom templates created
Increase in page views
+ 28 %
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