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Extending Orange’s brand to Silicon Valley and introducing the telecom giant to the Bay Area.

Orange Silicon Valley, the Bay Area division of the French telecommunications company, has noticed the speed at which Internet companies like Google Inc. and Facebook move to acquire new technology and move into adjacent businesses—and is determined to be part of it.

Kanopi Studios built the website to help increase the visibility of the office in Silicon Valley and engage with the startup ecosystem. We crafted a beautiful, responsive design with the desired functionality, based on smart user interface design.

Ken Y.
Ken Y. Strategy and Research Content Lead

Finding Kanopi was a relief. The team was professional, responsive, and kind. They were able to provide an excellent level of structure for our project, while still dealing with the various last-minute design changes my team made. I wholeheartedly recommend them, and am actually excited to work with them again in the future.

Orange Silicon Valley Client Since 2014

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