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International OCD Foundation (IOCDF)

A dynamic resource to help people living with OCD find the support they need.

IOCDF website and multiple devices

Client Overview

Founded in 1986 by a collective of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD,) the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) exists to help those affected by OCD and related disorders to live productive and full lives. 

The IOCDF aims to improve access to effective treatment through research and training while fostering a supportive community for those impacted by OCD and the specialists who treat them. 

They also fight to end the broader stigma surrounding mental health issues.

IOCDF Mobile Gallery

The challenge

The IOCDF’s existing resource directory provided a wealth of information about therapists, support groups, programs, and clinics to assist people living with OCD. They wanted to expand their services to make it easier for users to find the support they need.

They also wanted to modernize their resource directory to improve the user experience — and since their old directory was built with ElasticSearch and relied on depreciated code, it was neither sustainable nor future-proof.

The process


User Experience

We identified what users need in order to find support that meets their needs more quickly.

IOCDF wireframe


We created a reliable, scalable solution based on modern code and facets to ensure the resource directory is purpose-built for today and well into the future.

IOCDF grant recipients page

The solution

We created a new, dynamic, scalable directory that includes a completely updated user journey. From clear filters to an interactive map and provider list, the overall experience helps people living with OCD connect with support providers more easily. The updated editorial experience empowers the IOCDF team to provide additional resources with ease as needed.

Key features

Interactive Map

IOCDF Interactive map and Filtering options

An interactive map features available providers. Key contact information is clearly displayed, and a ‘more info’ call-to-action link helps users find details about a specific therapist or program with one click.


IOCDF Learn More Navigation (Resources)

Simplified filters help website visitors easily find the type of therapists, clinics, programs, and support groups best suited to their needs.

User Experience

IOCDF Content specific page with side navigation

People who rely on the IOCD site can now find guidance more easily, thanks to tailored features like side navigation that helps them continue to further advice that’s relevant to their needs.

The result

  • The IOCDF now has an engaging, accessible website that meets its users’ needs.
  • Site visitors can find support and assistance faster than ever before, thanks to simplified filtering functionality.
  • Users can also access vital information about therapists and programs with just a click of the mouse.
  • And the IOCDF team is now able to update content quickly and easily, keeping their website current.