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Cuba Travel Services

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A fresh, modern, and mobile design that encourages exploration of a newly-accessible travel destination.

Cuba Travel Services is a full-service travel services company that encourages travelers to immerse themselves in the unique and captivating culture of Cuba.

We all know that one of the most exciting aspects of vacation travel is exploring the destination before you arrive. Because travel to Cuba is still a new experience for many travelers, CTS needed to escort users through the booking experience in a way that is simple, stress-free and puts the focus on the destination.

Kanopi built a custom, mobile-optimized WordPress site for CTS. We worked with them to showcase the beauty of Cuba and answer travelers’ practical questions about their vacation. Our UX and design team removed many of the frustrating barriers to online travel reservation and helped CTS improve conversions and raise client satisfaction.

Cuba Travel Services does a great job helping their clients find authentic experiences in Cuba. Together, we built them a website that helps them give their clients the best Cuba vacation possible.

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