Pantheon + Kanopi: Faster, Smarter, Safer WordPress for Enterprise

“WordPress is just a blogging platform.” Not anymore. It can be anything you need it to be when it comes to working with content and media.

At Kanopi, we love working with our partners. They provide amazing services that complement our own, giving our clients a full suite of needs so that their websites are as powerful and impactful as possible. 

One of our longest partnerships is with Pantheon, a WebOps Platform for open-source Drupal and WordPress websites. Their philosophy aligns with our own: that it’s more efficient and effective to make continuous improvements on a website rather than doing more expensive and disruptive monolithic rebuilds. Taking iterative steps towards improving your presence online is all about taking small bites to create big wins. 

As a testament to our partnership, Kanopi was thrilled to be included as one of four expert agencies in Pantheon’s new ebook: Faster, Smarter, Safer WordPress for Enterprise. This ebook shares valuable insights on how enterprise-level clients can best leverage WordPress for their needs, as well as how best to work with an agency partner. It also offers “myth-busting” sections to address misconceptions about the capability, security, and scalability of WordPress.

Since WordPress powers about 39.7% of all websites on the internet, it’s clearly a wonderful and proven platform for projects of all sizes. It may have originally started as a platform for bloggers, but it is increasingly popular for enterprise clients. Download the new ebook today to learn more. 

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