Timothy Snyder

Senior Project Manager

In his role as a Project Manager, Timothy helps ensure that projects stay on time and on-budget, while also maintaining a level of excellence that meets Kanopi's standards. He’s also responsible for ensuring the client's needs, wants, and vision are represented in the final product. Timothy has spent a decade working in web design, development, marketing, and content creation. While he’s worked mainly within WordPress, he’s familiar with most major web platforms.

His favorite part of the job is learning what makes a business or organization unique and leveraging their passion to create a website that effectively communicates their story and meets the needs of their customer base. 

When Timothy isn’t helping clients take abstract ideas and general needs and turning them into a specific, tangible vision, he’s writing, drawing, playing music, watching movies, owning more video games than he can play in his lifetime.

Timothy's also a published author, having written a book called "That College Book: Everything Nobody Told Us About Life After High School." He’s currently working on his next book which will be fictional and, “kind of dark.”


Ability to effectively communicate on both a basic and technical level. Experience with a variety of task management platforms and workflow systems. Extensive understanding of the WordPress platform. General understanding of CSS and HTML. Professional editing and writing abilities. Knowledge of modern SEO practices. Basic design capabilities and professional knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

Favorite Game

Jack Box Party games, RPGs, retro shooters like Doom, Metal Gear Solid, and any 2D Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Favorite Places

The Twin Cities as a whole, Up-Down Arcade in Minneapolis, the gym, a table inside of any standalone Starbucks, and Oxford, England.

Did you know?

Timothy’s dad recorded an album back in the 70s that has since appeared on Ellen, The Colbert Report, The Graham Norton Show, and more.

Timothy's Headshot
Minneapolis, Minnesota