Seb Mendez

UX & UI Designer

As one of Kanopi’s UX/UI designers, Seb helps clients define exactly what they and their users want. He enjoys making it easy for users to understand how they need to get things done on any app or website, telling a story through the whole process, and making each user experience unique.

Seb majored in Mechatronics engineering, pivoting to UX design after studying at a bootcamp in Toronto. Design appealed to him as he enjoys making order out of  clutter. Seb appreciates that the design process is not a straight line, and finds it satisfying to see the iterations of a design as they evolve into the final product.

Outside of work, Seb works at a community garden and volunteers at his local game store. He also enjoys rock climbing, photography, bass guitar, and much more. He loves trying new things, and will try anything once.


Figma, Sketch, Adobe Suite, ProtoPie, HTML5, CSS3, Webflow.

Favorite Game

Tales of Symphonia, DnD or Super Smash Bros.

Favorite Places

His hometown of Villa Alemana in Chile. The city of Hamilton. Osaka — the city with the best food in Japan. Iceland. Any place he has yet to explore!

Did you know?

Seb minored in Japanese studies. In fact, Japanese is the fourth language he is learning.

Seb's Headshot
Mississauga, Ontario