Russell Eck

Drupal Engineer

Having graduated with a degree in computer science from Oregon State University, Russell is Kanopi Studio’s very first junior full stack web developer. Hitting the ground running, Russell wows clients with his skill and passion for creating stunning websites with the user experience at their core. 

Russell was born and raised in Reno, Nevada, where he completed his bachelor of science in biology. Before making a career change to web development, Russell created disease prevention programs in Central and South America and was an expert in Vector-Borne Diseases. He also worked for the state of Idaho as a principal microbiologist ensuring safe drinking water standards.

Outside of work, Russell usually has a musical instrument in his hands, whether he’s strumming guitar strings, balancing drum sticks, or tapping piano keys. He’s a keen photographer and loves remodeling homes. Russell also has a miniature dachshund named Pippin.


C/C++, Javascipt, HTML, CSS/Sass, node.js, PHP, MySQL, Python, and Flask. Outside of work, Russell is adept at Guitar, Drums, Piano, Music Production and Recording, 2 Bands, Photography, Woodworking, Remodeling Homes, and Video Games.

Favorite Game

Earthbound, Metroid, and anything where you creatively build, such as Planet Coaster and Minecraft.

Favorite Places

Iceland, Slovenia, Saint Barthélemy, New Zealand, and Bozeman, Montana.

Did you know?

Russell is the vocalist in a successful Technical Death Metal band.
Russell's Headshot
Boise, ID