Oliver Harrison

WordPress Engineering Manager

Oliver started playing around with a variety of CMSs back around 2004, including TextPattern and Cafelog. When WordPress was launched, Oliver was attracted to the simplicity and particularly the 5-minute install. Eventually, he became a full-time WordPress developer before finding his way to Kanopi Studios as a WordPress Engineering Manager.

Oliver helps his team be successful by coaching, mentoring, and unblocking any obstacles that prevent them from doing their best work. In addition to leading his team, he enjoys helping clients understand how their requirements can be developed into a product that achieves their goals. He leads with an approach focused on best practices and quality code, but handled with a healthy dose of humility, communication, and the occasional funny gif.

When not keeping projects and teams running smoothly, Oliver enjoys taking hundreds of photos of his dog, learning to draw his dog on his tablet, biking, kayaking, and traveling.

Favorite game:

Strategy games, RPGs, city builders and rogelikes on a PC.

Favorite places:

Bordeaux. Chamaret. The path alongside Lac Brome. Scotland. Victoria BC.

Did you know?

Oliver once developed a board game that can be purchased on Amazon.

Knowlton, Québec