Monina Aldeguer

WordPress Engineer

As a WordPress Engineer, “Nian” builds and supports WordPress sites as well as contributes to site features, design, and functionality. Nian enjoys brainstorming with teammates and finding clever solutions to client problems.

Nian came to development via an initial career in liberal arts. After starting in a junior developer position, she became a Java backend developer and was fortunate enough to work on multiple projects with different people all across the world that used different tech stacks. This taught her how to adapt and be a fast learner. A move to Canada and a focus on WordPress gave her knowledge in PHP, Bootstrap, React Native and Laravel. Ultimately Nian found that websites were her sweet spot, and she brought her multi-faceted skill set to Kanopi.

Outside of work, Nian enjoys baking bread, cooking, photography, and cuddling her dog.


ReactJS, React Native, PHP, Laravel, Redux, Java, Bootstrap, CSS,  SOAP/REST Web Services

Favorite games

Sims 4, Clue, and Connect 4

Favorite places

Manila, Kyoto, or anywhere by a beach or waterfall.

Did you know?

Lady Gaga follows Monina on Twitter.

Calgary, Alberta