Mikohl Minkler

Drupal Engineer

Mikohl effortlessly solves web presence problems for a variety of clients as a Drupal Engineer at Kanopi Studios. Having started as a front-end developer, Mikohl evolved into a full-stack developer over ten years, giving him in-depth knowledge of all things Drupal. Mikohl is also well-versed in WordPress. He’s created a plethora of custom CMS websites over the years in various industries, including e-commerce, medical, legal, and financial. 

Since earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from the University of North Texas, Mikohl continues to thrive when he’s learning new things. When he’s not wowing clients by building responsive websites that are a joy to visit and use, he’s learning to speak German. He’s also developing his baking skills, one batch of scones at a time.


Drupal, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS.

Favorite Game

Crossword Puzzles

Favorite Places

Ireland, Bavaria, Vienna, Orkney Islands, and on a train to somewhere new.

Mikhol's Headshot
Boston, MA