Kristine Strange

Sales Executive

As a Sales Executive at Kanopi Studios, Kristine helps clients move through the sales process with ease. From writing thorough proposals to making sure the right people are on every Zoom call, Kristine’s firm grasp of the sales funnel is helped by her extraordinary organizational skills. A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, her favorite part of the job is taking the latest design, accessibility, and marketing methods and integrating them into her work to improve the customer sales experience. 

Kristine is currently working towards her certification in web accessibility, and the Women in Tech SEO Group recently interviewed her. Outside of Kanopi, Kristine is an avid gardener, regularly tending to vegetables, herbs, and flowers. She can also be found kayaking the lakes and waterways of the Puget Sound.


Sales, marketing, WordPress, web accessibility, and data analysis.

Favorite Game

Tetris or Uno.

Favorite Places

Anywhere there is water, the forest, a garden of any type, wherever her family is, and on the couch watching a movie with the family.

Did You Know?

Kristine carded her husband when they first met 22 years ago because she didn’t believe his last name was Strange!

He carded her because he didn’t believe she was over 18 (she was 19.)

Tacoma, Washington