Jonas Flint

Support Engineer

Jonas started designing and building websites in 2003, doing graphic design, UX, Information architecture and building small custom content management systems for small to medium businesses in his area. As the demand for content management rose, Drupal and Wordpress were logical choices for him to pursue, and soon Jonas learned the ins and outs of theming, front-end development, and site building for both platforms.

Jonas feels it’s important to be well-rounded and offer a broad range of skill sets, which makes him invaluable for Kanopi’s clients: his multi-faceted background allows him to fulfill a wide range of support needs. He can fix whatever is broke on the development side, or enhance the UX and theme to make a site or application more intuitive and usable. He enjoys making a site work for both a client’s audience base as well as for content editors. Jonas has also done a fair amount of project management and tech lead work, so he’s skilled at gathering context and resolving the needs of various stakeholders.

Jonas’ favorite things about Kanopi are the work-life balance and having a flexible schedule, as well as learning new technologies. Making something that is truly great (and great without question) and seeing it being used by others precisely in the way you designed it can be a huge rush.

Outside of work, Jonas is a beatmaker/producer, artist and manager, helping others make albums and grow their social media. Along those lines, he manages his daughter’s musical career.


DESIGN: Adobe tools (XD, photoshop, illustrator, premier and more) Sketch App, for designing, site-mapping and wire-framing. CODE: Drupal & Front End Development. HTML5, CSS, SASS, LESS, usually on top of the LAMP stack.

Favorite Game

Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, League of Legends, sometime WoW. D&D is fun when there is time.

Favorite Places

Home. His 2003 Honda Element. A local restaurant called Napoli’s. Santa Monica.

Did you know?

Jonas might hug you next time you meet in person.

Simpsonville,  South Carolina