Jarrel Sylvers


Jarrel, our resident craftsman of copy and consumer-savvy storyteller, helps clients connect with their target customers through words and language. He leads the development of written communications for our web projects.

A wily wordsmith, and digital-centric scribe, he strives to produce work for clients that inspire interaction. With a strong reverence for customer research, Jarrel keeps the end-user in mind when developing smart and eye-catching copy.

When he is away from working with words, Jarrel loves to catch the latest movie or TV show or write a completely new one for fun.


Copywriting, marketing strategy and marketing research (Including: qualitative, consumer persona development and more).

Favorite Games

Three–way tie between Uno, poker and Monopoly.

Favorite Places

Dominican Republic, San Diego, Miami, Atlanta and Chicago (his hometown).

Did You Know?

Jarrel studied TV writing and sitcom development at Second City in Chicago. He won an award for one of his sitcom pilots and almost got it made.

New York, New York