Erika Lewis

WordPress Technical Lead

As a WordPress Technical Lead at Kanopi, Erika manages WordPress projects for a variety of clients,  gathering technical resource requirements, while collaborating on projects with our Client Leads. As a self proclaimed "dev whisperer" she has a knack for taking client needs and goals, asking the right questions, and leveraging her technical knowledge to find solutions.

A trained designer (in print, logos, and web), she brings an eye for detail to her proficiency in development. In fact, she’s been awarded for it. The most recent being a Webby nomination for the Entertainment Software Association website, for which she was the lead developer.

When she’s not making WordPress dreams come true, you can find her consuming her favorite movies and shows, gaming, and enjoying the spotlight as a drag king, producer, and host.


WordPress development, PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, Gulp, Visual Studio Code, Git, Github, PHPMyAdmin, some SQL experience, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

Favorite Game

Her favorite board game is Acquire, and her favorite video game is Last of Us.

Favorite Places

Her house (she’s a new homeowner!), Clearwater Beach in Florida, Lima, Peru, the Winchester Mystery Mansion in San Jose, and Toronto, Ontario.

Did you know?

She took 5 years of traditional kung fu with Ed Snowden.
Photo of Erika Lewis
Hyattsville, MD