Devon Ek

Junior Drupal Engineer

Devon is a Discover Drupal alumni and is a Junior Drupal Developer on the Kanopi team. Devon develops and supports websites with a focus on functionality and performance customized to client needs. 

With a focus on frontend work, Devon prides himself in helping clients create custom sites that perform well. Flexible, nimble and focused are just a few words to describe Devon, as he excels at working with development teams to solve unique problems. 

When away from his desk, Devon enjoys running around lakes, photography, cooking and utilizing his engineering skills to build mechanical keyboards. 

Favorite Game


Favorite Places

NYC, Minneapolis, Portland Japanese Garden, MN Landscape Arboretum, and Washington D.C.

Did You Know?

Devon worked on a few HGTV shows and a reality TV show as a Production Assistant during summers while attending college.

Burnsville, Minnesotta