Steve Musial

WordPress Engineer

Steven builds intuitive and eye-catching websites for a variety of Kanopi clients. He achieves this by creating dynamic system architectures, user interfaces, content workflows, and modern site designs that meet client and user needs effortlessly. What drives Steven is working collaboratively to craft useful, value-driven websites, and anything that uses the word “team.” 

He’s highly skilled in developing and designing both Drupal and WordPress sites, gained from over 18 years of experience working as a web engineer. When Steven isn’t building beautiful, easy to use websites, you’ll find him presenting at local WordPress and Drupal meetups or playing his guitar. 


WordPress/Drupal/CMS, PHP, JavaScript, CSS/Sass, build tools, *nix command line

Favorite Game

Schnapsen, which is the national card game of Austria

Favorite Places 
The Republic of Ireland, Cordoba (Spain), Grenada (Spain), meditation gardens at SRF above Swami’s beach in Cardiff by the Sea (California), a hammock on the beach in Costa Rica
Did you know?

Steven attended Space Camp!

Oakland, CA