Rory Douglas

Drupal Engineer

After working as an in-house Drupal/WordPress developer for a community college, Rory decided to switch to the agency world so he could work with teams to solve tricky problems and deliver top-notch websites to clients.

Rory specializes in front-end development, particularly Drupal theming, taking designs and converting them into fast, flawless websites integrated with content management systems. He’s worked extensively with non-profits and higher education, and loves working with clients to come up with great solutions to their particular web problems.

His specific technical areas include JavaScript and its many libraries, Sass/CSS, templating systems, PHP, Drupal module development, and accessibility and performance. He’s also written for A List Apart about content management systems.

Rory lives in Seattle with his wife (Laura Belle), two sons (Mac and Gus), and dog (Jimbo). He’s an avid cold-water surfer and enjoys hiking and reading.


Drupal 8 — particularly Twig, theming, JavaScript, and everything else that goes into the front-end experience. JavaScript — vanilla JS, jQuery, React, etc. PHP, particularly as it pertains to Drupal and WordPress development.

Favorite Games

Any extremely competitive card game

Favorite Places

Seattle, Washington coast, San Diego, Peru, Portugal

Did you know?

Rory wrote a book about amateur mixed martial arts that was published by a small press.