Ricky Pugh

Quality Assurance Engineer

Ricky started as a developer building small sites through a local worker-owned co-operative in San Francisco, and then moved on to work as a support engineer for Pantheon, working pretty significantly on the first version of Pantheon's knowledge base. He made his way to Kanopi as a technical support project manager, eventually working his way to performing quality assurance.

Ricky’s the one who makes sure things on a site are working properly before they go out the door, ensuring a consistently high-quality product for Kanopi’s clients. His goal is to make sure when clients get the final product, they find everything in perfect order. He enjoys working with a team that he can depend on no matter how hairy the situation.

When not double- and triple- checking all the code, Ricky is a graduate student in History working on the history of police-community relations in Northern California during second half of the twentieth-century.


Drupal, PHP, Javascript, Python, BASH, WordPress, Joomla, HTML, CSS, Git, client calming, and cat wrangling.

Favorite Game

Fallout 4

Favorite Places

Berlin, Germany. Coyoacán in Mexico City. Nakameguro, Japan. Sonoma County Coast, CA. Vancouver Harbor, Canada

Did you know?

Ricky once performed with his old band in a juvenile prison in Mexico City.