Peggy Tam

Project Manager & QA

With over 9 years of experience, Peggy keeps us organized and efficient. As a Project Manager at Kanopi Studios, she manages the implementation of our projects, the resourcing of our internal staff, and more. 

She specializes in keeping projects on task, efficient, and has solid technical knowledge in design, development, WordPress, and Drupal. 

Peggy excels at helping clients solve complex problems and being an ally to our internal teams in the execution of our projects. 

In her past life, she was a podcaster and away from her desk Peggy enjoys horseback riding and seeking unexplored areas.


Gameplans, Gantt Charts, forecasting, resourcing, WordPress, Design Dev and Adobe software.

Favorite Game

Strategy games and Pokemon Go.

Favorite Places

Coffee shops in Thailand and boutique co-work spots in Colombia.

Did you know?

Peggy played a handmaid on the TV show Handmaid’s Tale!

Toronto, Ontario