Natalie Semczuk

Senior Project Manager

As a Senior Project Manager, Natalie works with clients to keep their sites running in tip-top shape. This entails working with the development team as they manage support requests, making sure tickets are distributed, and moving on a day-to-day basis. She also collaborates with Kanopi’s UX/Design team when support clients wish to expand their site to include new features or functionality. Her fascination and appreciation for design and technology allow her to communicate clearly with clients and teammates on all sides of projects to create lasting, meaningful solutions.

She’s proudly part of the Strategic Planning Committee for the Organization for Transformative Works (they run Archive of Our Own), loves reading, baking, and taking screenshots of her cat, Ned, when he crashes Zoom meetings.


User experience research, interviews, and analysis; creative direction and branding strategy; HTML/CSS troubleshooting, WordPress (traditional and decoupled), Drupal (traditional and decoupled), understanding of AWS infrastructure best practices, hosting & DNS troubleshooting familiarity.

Favorite Games

Pattern-matching card game, Set and Bananagrams!

Favorite Places

The desert & Southwest in general, her overly-plush bed at the end of the day (with lots of pillows!), the weekend farmer’s market, laying in the sun at the beach, and any restaurant with homemade pasta.

Did you know?

She once met Danny Tamberelli at the top of a church bell tower while sightseeing while she was studying abroad in Spain.

Malta, New York