Morgan Eck

Web Developer & IT Specialist
Morgan started working with Kanopi a few years ago on an as-needed basis, jumping in to help with events, client communication and much more. She recently graduated with a CS degree, and is ready to apply her technical background and capable hands to any task that comes her way. She discovered open-source development when she built out her previous company’s website in WordPress on her own, with only design templates as a guide. She applies a natural efficiency, curiosity, and positivity her work, always looking for ways to make life easier for those around her while delivering quality results. Outside of work, she fills her time with a wide variety of hobbies that include baking, writing, woodworking, painting, graphic drawing, yoga, hiking, shooting bows and guns (at inanimate objects only), travel, hanging out with her miniature dachshund Pippin, and adding new skills to her ever-growing list!


Writing, attention to detail, learning (through the power of Google and any other resources she can get her hands on), and giving 100% to everything she does.

Favorite Game


Favorite Places

Iceland and Slovenia are tied for her favorite places in the world (so far). She has fond memories of Spodnja Sorica, a very tiny, beautiful village in Slovenia with unbelievably friendly people and wonderful food.

Did you know?

Morgan has written three full-length novels but needs a good editor to take them over the finish line (that’s not the fun part for her). Any takers?

Boise, Idaho