Matthew Luzitano

Director of Engineering

For over 10 years, Matthew Luzitano has been developing websites in PHP with a focus in Content Management Systems like Drupal and WordPress. As a Tech Lead, he plans out the entire build of a new site, and audits existing sites for security, performance, and other improvements.

Matt started his career as a general website developer. At one point he was asked to work on a Drupal website for a financial services company. After getting his feet wet with Drupal improving the security of the site, as well as creating a lead generation platform, Matt fell in love with Drupal and decided it was where he wanted to concentrate his efforts.

While Matt has a BFA in Creative Writing, and an MFA in Poetry Writing, now he writes beautiful code for Drupal. His favorite part of the process is those first few weeks of a brand new build, being able to start construction after all the initial planning and strategy work is completed. He’s also made many community contributions, including creating a module called “algolia places” (giving the user the ability to auto complete addresses), and offering patches on existing Drupal projects.

Outside of work, he loves writing poetry (mainly ekphrastic poetry, an example here), reading poetry (favorite poets are Terrance Hayes, Tracy K Smith, and Rainer Maria Rilke), and enjoying time with his wife and four children.


Drupal 7/8, WordPress, OO PHP, CSS, Javascript

Favorite Game


Favorite Places

New Zealand, Seattle, Provincetown

Did you know?

Matt won every math competition at his elementary school (on a weekly basis).