Gordon Christmas

Drupal Technical Lead

As a Drupal Technical Lead, Gordon creates and facilitates creative solutions for clients. His goal is to translate business needs into useful and clear functionalities and come up with elegant solutions to complicated problems. His favorite way to approach unsolved problems is by considering them as a collection of simpler solvable problems he hasn't yet uncovered.

Gordon has been active in the Drupal community, having hosted Drupalcamp Victoria for several years, helping with content creation on the Acquia Drupal Certifications team, and having created and maintained several Drupal modules.

When not at work, Gordon dabbles in electronic music creation, woodworking, metalworking, CNC machining, lasers, 3D Printing, baking and cooking.


Creating APIs, Drupal module development, JS/AJAX/AHAH, and High-performance optimizations.

Favorite game

Horizon Zero Dawn

Favorite places

Hat Yai and Danwei Canting restaurants in Portland, Atenas in Costa Rica, Cartagena in Columbia, and Victoria BC.

Did you know?

Gordon met Margot Kidder on Salt Spring Island while she was having her laptop data restored after it was hacked.

Gordon Christmas
Portland, Oregon