Danny Englander

Drupal Engineer

Danny has worked as a developer for more than 10 years and recently joined Kanopi as Senior Support Drupal Engineer.

He’s dedicated to ensuring Kanopi’s Drupal support clients get the smart and strategic development services they need to keep their existing sites up to speed. His work includes adding or upgrading site features,  keeping software up to date, proactively addressing security concerns and much more.

Danny applies his passion for learning to his work and his life, striving to discover something new every day.

In his free time, he pursues pattern design, photography, good books, walks and spending time with his wife.


Front-end development, site building, Sass, CSS, and jQuery

Favorite Game


Favorite Places

Truro, Cape Cod, The Berkshires in western Massachusetts, Palm Springs, Boston, and the Netherlands.

Did you know?

Danny stumbled into his web development career purely by accident. You’ll have to ask him what that means.