Blanca Esqueda

Drupal Technical Lead

Blanca brings extensive experience as a senior software engineer and technical product owner to her role as Drupal Architect & Tech Lead at Kanopi Studios. She’s also a certified Drupal Grand Master, an active contributor, and a caring mentor through the Kids&Code program.

When working with clients, Blanca uses business requirements as the basis to help her determine the technical solutions that will best serve each client's needs. She makes sure to keep scalability, security, and accessibility in mind when building websites.

For Blanca, the best part of her job is the wide range of companies, projects, and people that she gets to know through her work and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from working with a team to bringing ideas to life.

When she’s not coding, Blanca enjoys experiencing new things, including restaurants, international cuisines, sports, cultures, and unfamiliar parts of the world.


Drupal, full-stack development, DevOps, agile methodologies, communication, teamwork, active listening, and conflict resolution.

Favorite Game

Any good carnival game.

Favorite Places

Casa en el Agua in Colombia,  Rhodes in Greece, Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto, Barcelona, and her two hometowns: Baja California and Ottawa.

Did you know?

She once went scuba diving in glacier water at a fissure formed between two drifting tectonic plates in Iceland. The air temperature was -20C and the water was so clear you could see further than the length of a football field!