Bert Anderson

Agency Recruiter

Bert finds and hires the very best strategists, designers, engineers, and project managers as a Recruiter at Kanopi Studios. Thanks to Bert’s talent acquisition expertise, we’re able to source people who are top of their field across Canada and the US with ease. Bert enjoys a story, and his favorite aspect of his role is meeting new candidates and hearing their stories. 

For over a decade, Bert’s partnered with community organizations and local businesses to connect adults, youth, and newcomers to career opportunities in the tech and digital media industries. 

When he’s not looking for and attracting qualified candidates who are a perfect fit for Kanopi and our clients, you’ll find Bert enjoying a run in the cold weather of Ontario with aspirations of completing a 10k marathon soon.


WordPress, recruiting, content marketing strategy, social media facilitation, job readiness, career development, training, career branding, business and relationship development, and digital marketing. 

Favorite game


Favorite places

Paris, Tobago, Jamaica, New York, and Amsterdam.

Did you know?

Bert uses a green exercise ball as my office chair.

Toronto, Ontario