Adam McFadyen

WordPress Engineer

In 1999, Adam discovered HTML/CSS and procedural programming. In 2008, he discovered WordPress and began learning PHP, which he primarily works in along with JavaScript and the LAMP stack. For Kanopi’s clients, Adam solves front-end usability problems, especially those related faceted search (sorting & filtering of data), as well as builds & maintains enterprise WordPress sites. Adam enjoys building reliable, maintainable code that helps make people's lives easier.

Other languages and technologies he peruses are Perl, AWK, Java, C#, C++, ASP, Ruby, and Python.

Since he’s not content to stop there, Adam is currently studying JavaScript, MySql, Angular/ionic/Vue.js, Laravel PHP framework, and XSS Vulnerabilities. Moving forward, he plans to tackle Node.js, AWK, and WebAssembly.

His hobbies include Graphic Art, Outdoor Adventuring, Farming, Gardening and Brazillian Jiujitsu. He loves sushi, extreme-sports, and is a self-proclaimed Chairathon Athlete.


WordPress plugin & theme development, cross-platform responsive design, asynchronous/reactive JavaScript development

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Did you know?

Adam has more Twitter followers than anyone else at Kanopi.