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A Drupal 8 home page refresh created better results.

UCSF School of Nursing is recognized as one of the premier graduate nursing schools in the United States. Its faculty members serve in advisory and leadership capacities in policy, health care delivery, and clinical and translational research, and the school fosters excellence, diversity and innovation in its work.

The Problem

The home page was problematic and not reflective of the excellent work of the school: because users were overwhelmed with options in the main menu, the site was hard to navigate, with the main issue being that it was difficult to entice users to go to Apply for programs. Additionally, their outdated design was no longer appealing to prospective students. It was time for a more modern visual appeal, and to also get more cohesive with the UCSF brand standards being applied across the larger university. 

The Solution

In order to do the most effective and focused fix on the home page, Kanopi analyzed their traffic and spoke with UCSF Nursing about their most important pathways. Additionally, we interviewed them on their design preferences, mandatory needs and desired visual mood. 

In order to expose the most important pathways, we redesigned their header, as well as the main navigation, resulting in the most critical pathway — “Apply Now” — being much more prominent in the header. Kanopi also updated their visual design language to elevate their brand presence, meeting their desires to brighten up the experience, to make important pathways obvious, and to create a more approachable tone overall.

The Result

The internal stakeholder team is delighted with the changes. Prior to the home page redesign, the data on views to the “Apply” page was 8,609, and three months after the update it had risen to 9,411 — a 9.3% increase in the first three months after launch.

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