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San Francisco Police Department

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- 7 %
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Creating connections between constituents and law enforcement.

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) is committed to excellence in law enforcement and is dedicated to the people, traditions and diversity of San Francisco. In order to protect life and property, prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime, they strive to provide service with understanding, response with compassion, performance with integrity and law enforcement with vision.

The Problem

Their previous website was not allowing the SFPD to provide online service in ways that reflected their mission. Their site had become outdated, and was neither effectively communicating with the San Francisco community, nor was it reflecting the branding and messaging of the SFPD. The technological foundation was cumbersome and difficult to use, making it difficult to keep content current, and hindering the ability to scale for new types of information. 

It was time for a new site that could help the SFPD communicate effectively, make the messaging and branding cohesive, be easy to maintain, intuitive to use, and offer a Best-in-Class experience.

The Solution

Kanopi and SFPD worked collaboratively towards a community-focused approach. We constructed and executed a multi-faceted plan to user research, including; gathering community input that varied from concise on-site surveys to community-wide surveys; 1 on 1 community member interviews; branding targeted focus groups; navigation usability testing; and more. All in all, we received and analyzed over 5,000 community perspectives. 

Marrying the user research with the SFPD needs and UX best practices, we formed three themes around which we created the website experience: 

  • to act as a directory of services and resources for San Francisco,
  • to create space for the SFPD to connect with the community in various ways, including up-to-date news, and, 
  • to use content and visuals to personify the SFPD as a helpful, knowledgeable, easily accessible and protective neighbor.

Some key features of the website include:

  • Reimagined visual design, site structure and layouts in a responsive environment, providing easy and intuitive access for all device formats
  • Custom priority ordering of Services for the department and each individual Station, allowing the SFPD to customize based on district needs
  • Robust News section to allow SFPD to provide up-to-date and relevant, trustful News to the SF community
  • Easily findable Services and contact information to help the community accomplish a need
  • Custom Twitter embeds for the department and Stations
  • A new section for the SFPD to provide Safety and Crime Prevention information and tips
  • A robust calendar for the community to stay informed of upcoming events
  • A station finder for the community to find which district Station they live within
  • A space to disseminate information on the SFPD leadership, career opportunities, Academy information, crime data and published reports and policies
Side by side images of the SFPD home page both before and after the rebuild.
SFPD Home Page Before (left) and After (right)

The Result

On launch day, the SFPD created a Facebook Live video to promote the site to constituents, point out the highlights of the project, and allow comments.  

Within three months of site launch, there were three main results on user behavior:

  • Bounce rate reduced from 69% to 53%
  • Exit Rate reduced from 52% to 45%
  • Much improved feedback and response mechanism via an online form. 

From the day of the site launch, the community has been providing positive feedback on the site, as well as recommendations for improvements, which are being implemented by SFPD. This improved user experience is providing transparency and works to build trust between the police department and the constituents of San Francisco.

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