Pelo Fitness

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Providing protection from present and future hacks.

Pelo Fitness is a Marin County-based community dedicated to a culture of fitness. They offer cycling, strength, yoga & nutrition programs customized to an individual’s needs and fitness level. Whether someone is a competitive athlete, a busy executive or a soccer mom (perhaps all three), their programs are designed to build strength and endurance, burn calories and boost energy.

The Problem

Pelo Fitness customers use the site to purchase class credits and reserve bikes for upcoming classes, requiring users to log in and enter personal information. Because their site hadn’t received a few major Drupal security updates, there was a concern that the site could be hacked and jeopardize client information.

The Solution

Kanopi performed all the security updates to get the Pelo Fitness on the latest version of Drupal. All out of date modules were updated, and the site was scanned for suspicious folders and code; anything that looked suspect was fixed. Care was taken not to push code during high traffic times when reservations were being made, so code was pushed live during specific break times that would allow for the least disruption. Lastly the site was also moved over to Pantheon for managed hosting.

The Result

Due to the Drupal support provided by Kanopi, the Pelo Fitness is now protected and secure. Inspired to make all their systems stronger, Pelo Fitness also switched to a different email system as well so all their tech needs were more up to date, and are looking forward to a responsive reskin of the site to make it mobile friendly so their clientele can register for classes anytime and anywhere.

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