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Client Overview

Big Switch Networks is a Cloud-First Networking company, bringing public cloud-style networking and hybrid cloud consistency to organizations. By harnessing the power of software-defined networking technology coupled with industry-standard hardware, Big Switch re-defines the data center. It offers choices on where to best host the applications, whether internally, or externally based upon the company’s business needs.

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The Challenge

Big Switch is a company and solution that’s agile, flexible, intelligent, and rooted in an ethos of innovation velocity. Their product offers a user-centric approach to customers, and Big Switch needed a website that had that functionality, accessibility, and strategy to match. Their existing site build left Big Switch with performance, design, and navigation issues. The site’s functionality was broken, and the mobile UX was non-existent. The Big Switch team was also unable to make simple website updates, due to issues with back-end setup.

The negative site experience left Big Switch considering moving their site to another CMS and starting from scratch.

The Solution

Kanopi was brought on to strategize and execute the project. Rather than moving the site to WordPress, Kanopi was able to take their budget and implement a focused fix and reimaging of their current site. We were able to fix the site issues, optimize the design and UX — plus add several new features. With our team’s extensive Drupal 7 (D7) knowledge and expertise, we were able to make the transition happen smoothly and easily.

We took the existing site and fixed functionality issues that were affecting the site’s speed and performance, and complemented it with a mobile-friendly site design. By implementing mega menus and improved navigation, we impacted the user experience and on-site customer journey. Big Switch also had specific foreign language page translations needed, which Kanopi was able to integrate seamlessly into the site.

We also created a back-end setup that allowed their internal stakeholders to make future site updates and allow for content maintenance — a function that was lacking with the previous site.

Key Features

Functionality and navigation updates on Big Switch

Functionality & Navigation Updates

Kanopi created functional website navigation including a mega menu to improve the site UX. We implemented a mobile version of the site, and fixed slow site speed performance.

Key Page Creation

Key Page Creation

To create a better user experience, we introduced important website content including a Customer Success page, Technology partners page, and Resources page.

Admin content management set-up on Big Switch

Admin content management set-up

Kanopi set up an easy-to-update back-end on the Drupal 7 site, allowing the Big Switch internal team to maintain the site going forward.

The Result

Not only did Big Switch see an improvement in user experience, the changes made by Kanopi saw a 2x increase in website speed. We were able to take their existing Drupal 7 site, fix the performance issues, improve the design, and enhance UX overall.

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