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BADCamp 2018: Learning while having fun

  BADCamp 2018 just wrapped up last Saturday. As usual it was a great volunteer organized event that brought together all sorts of folks from the Drupal Community. Every year Kanopi provides organizational assistance, and this year was no exception. We had Kanopian...

Defining a Minimum Lovable Product

Congratulations! Your Boss just gave you approval to build the website you’ve been pitching to them for the past year. A budget has been approved, and you have an enthusiastic team eager to get started. Nothing can stop you… until you receive the deadline for when the website has to go live.

Fundamentals of GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a big shift in the way businesses may process and control personal data within all 28 EU countries. The new law focuses on giving European citizens full control of their data. They control who has it, what they can...

Join us for NTC WordPress Day in New Orleans

We’re excited to share an interactive networking and learning event with the WordPress nonprofit community. WordPress Day will feature expert-led, small group sessions where attendees can come with a challenge and leave with a solution.

Getting Docksal to Play Nice with Vagrant

If you work on multiple projects at once, or need to collaborate with other developers (as many of us do), then getting your development environment up and running quickly can be crucial to your ability to make efficient progress. For the past few years, the best tool...